Friday, December 15, 2017

Mayor Behiel of Angels Camp afraid of Kelly, a clerk

   It seems that the Mayor of Angels Camp, Scott Behiel, who was appointed and not elected, is so afraid of Mary Kelly, the City Clerk, he will not
even pursue answers to many problems.

   How did this woman Mary Kelly, who has run unchallenged for City Clerk, ever gain so much power. Behiel stated to us that he has complete faith in his staff!  HUH????

   Similar to the many threats the religious right community brought to the City Council to ban cannabis, Behiel is now terrified of even running the City in an honorable manner. Something has got to change.

    Many of us are terrified of these right-wing religious wack-jobs and stay away from any meetings where they amass, but they should not be allowed to control the government.

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