Sunday, June 3, 2018

Dear Editor: Warning about Jehovah's Witnesses

   Dear Editor:

    I just finished watching a special on cults and extreme religions and have to write to warn others.

   When I lived in the Bay Area my mother called me one day in tears. She begged me to help her; that some strangers had come to my younger sisters home shopping for Jehovah's Witnesses, and she had been vulnerable.

   She went on to remind me that my sister was the lowest IQ, had no social skills, so few if any friends, too many children and a messy house.

   My mother felt they caught her at her most vulnerable.  Being the dutiful daughter and feeling confident that I could reason with the sister, I drove three hours to visit.

   What I found was that when the two JW came to the door, they were sweet and friendly and offered to clean her house. Believe it or not she was sold, hook like and sinker.  Sound familiar? This is a common story of how the weak minded, the vulnerable and especially the lonely are taken in (BRAINWASHED)!

    As you can imagine I had absolutely no luck though I sat up til all hours trying to reason with her. They had given her tapes, books and welcomed her into their "family".

   As a result, her children were denied normal Christmas, birthday parties, even school functions, including sports, saluting the flag, etc.

   As time went by we saw that she believed JW are the only good mothers and would tend to try and take over neighbor children and others.

   When my mother became elderly she told the family SHE should be the one to take care of her  (apparently they get points for things like that, since not everyone gets into heaven).

   My mother was so unhappy and secretly called, begging for help.  We finally got her home again, but it wasn't easy.  So many stories of this cult I could recall.

   It destroyed many family relationships forever and I hear it over and over again how they continue to manipulate their children, who never really get over a childhood of that kind of abuse.

   The TV show described a patriarchal society with elders (all men) who control everything and hide any kind of complaint, abuse or criminal activity from authorities.  It was shocking. Talk about the Catholic Church.

   Apparently millions of dollars in payouts for lawsuits and thousands coming forward; accused protected for years and years, even some are elders.

   If you didn't see the show, let this be a warning to everyone. If someone comes and knocking, keep them on walking!!!  They are not there to help you into anything but a cult.

   B  in VS

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Anonymous said...

I SAW THAT! Anything run by men is likely to be corrupt! That lady called it a definite CULT!