Sunday, June 17, 2018

Michael Preston identified from Calaveras Sheriff lineup? Candyrock???

  Due to the hack being part of the news we report, we are going back over all hacked articles and will  re-establish the facts for our readers.

   Michael Preston was furious that the
Sierra Sentinel had been writing the truth about what Preston considered was his personal Candyrock shooting club, which is part of the U.S. Forest Service Stanislaus National Forest. (we received numerous complaints and they continue to this day).

   Preston was concerned that the U.S. Forest Service was doing a study and that the public and the Forest Service might learn the truth about what all goes on down there. 

     We were told about the boozing, the pooping, the filth, the porn, the apparent kkk activities, not to mention the noise and shooting near homes that the poor neighbors have suffered for years.

   Sheriff Kuntz had told us he went down there with Preston and saw the filth himself.

   Patrick Strohmeyer had many times asked us to write real nice things about Preston and the Candyrock target gallery for his close personal friend, Michael Preston, because the USFS was doing an investigation and environment assessment on the activities at the quarry.

    We repeatedly refused to LIE for them. It was soon after that when we picked Preston out of a Calaveras Sheriff lineup for vandalizing our land. Over 100 trees were cut down,  in the Caltrans right of way and by trespassing across Karen Strohmeyers property, trespassing onto our land.

   Preston later told the District Attorney (and we have a copy ) that he and the Strohmeyers cut own all those trees "to make (her) mad!" We signed an arrest warrant against Preston, not realizing at the time that it was all apparently Karen Strohmeyers idea and that the three of them had conspired the crime.

   $12,500 in damages, which Karen Strohmeyer promised verbally to pay and then in court for another crime, denied agreeing to pay those damages. She never has denied damaging our land or her involvement in cutting down over 100 trees.

   . I had made the mistake of telling Karen Strohmeyer earlier that I felt I was guarding my grandmothers little forest, so she knew that I loved every tree.

   The Strohmeyer let us know they hated that we had a large and beautiful piece of property and that they only had a tiny place. They had wanted to buy a large parcel, she told me, but Patrick Strohmeyer kept getting fired.

   Karen and Patrick Strohmeyer are two more names hacked from the website. Wonder why?

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Anonymous said...

I remember this. Caltrans buddy got him out of jail time or something?