Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Three IDIOT Calaveras Rats continue TROUBLE

    The idiot GRIN on the District 4 Supervisor who is under RECALL gave to the not being
re-elected Clapp when they opposed the CAO Lutz re-organization he wanted, tells everything.

   To save the county taxpayers money and to re-organize his office in a way he can run it more smoothly, Mr. Lutz had set up a plan to budget and re-organize Administration.

   The same three extremists who have caused problems ever since they were recently elected, are still causing trouble at every turn. 

   Hopefully, all three will be out as of January, 2019.   Interesting that Mr. Moss is being demoted, and we understand why!  We credit Mr. Lutz for having the vision and courage to make the necessary changes.

   It finally passed, with Moss being demoted to landfill, but keeping his full pay.

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Anonymous said...

Been following this. Clapp lied that Moss was a valuable temp. CAO for any length of time.