Monday, June 18, 2018

We want to thank our newest neighbor!

   We now have a new neighbor behind us, who came to us to ask and explain what has happened,
in part, to our land. 

   He seems to be an honest and hard-working man who has now offered to help us with the crazy people who have damaged our land and hurt our animals to terrorize us so we will stop writing against racism, dirty cops, drunks, insane animal abusers and violent gun thugs.

   We want him to know that we appreciate having an honorable neighbor, who says he is watching out for anyone coming near, since the cameras do not pick up everything.

   The other person who backs up our land is Steven Buis, who is frightening to us.  His name was also removed during the recent hack.     What he will do next, is completely unknown and terrifying.

  Having alcoholics and racists anywhere near your home is something we all have to watch out for. They can be very dangerous to people, animals and the environment.



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Anonymous said...

I know you hav a couple of bad ones. Who's the new guy.