Saturday, August 18, 2018

Alice Montgomery Trump can't shut her mouth

   We've been hearing that desperate Supervisor candidate Oliveira is unable to speak for himself, so he sends Lisa Muetterties Trump and Alice Montgomery Trump out to defend his failures.

   He said he wanted a ban, wanting the voters to vote in a ban and now blames no regulation for the disaster that is the Great Calaveras Cannabis Ban!

  When Merita Callaway is back in charge in January of 2019, the Trump and his racist bunch will be out, OUT, OUT!  Then maybe Calaveras can get back into normalcy!

   Oliveira never knows what he is doing, he doesn't even know what his committee that is NOT following the Brown Act to make Planned Development worse, is doing!  He says ask 'Muetterties'! 

    "I'm tired and taking the rest of the summer off!!" he tells one person we spoke with. Montgomery Trump and Muetterties Trump are apparently completely dismayed that he is losing this re-election bid.  He has no one to blame but himself.

   His close buddy Michael Preston, the racist who was reported to Secret Service and the FBI after bragging and claiming he had threatened President Obama in a public place "SHOOT the N*****!"

   That business failed as a result of the scumbag and could not even be sold. So sad! Now, we hear he's out to get a new coffee shop destroyed!


Anonymous said...

hey Montgomery, the only thugs I've heard you mouth off about, is your love Mich Preston. Or is he lisas or do you share the thug1/

Anonymous said...

Feel sorry for these people s spouses. Something very wrong here.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Those poor men. Their wives are so obsessed with that Mike.