Friday, August 10, 2018

Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira on Building Department

   Supervisor Oliveira returned our call regarding the problems at the Building Department. He stated that he can't say what they decided in Closed Session, but that he knows they are hiring one more Plan Checker.

   I told him that in four years with him in office things had not improved and he said that if people vote for him that he will work on it in the next 4 years.  He mentioned the committee he set up regarding Planned Development.

   When I asked what they had done so for, he wasn't sure and when I asked if certain people were on the committee he said that Lisa Muetterties is in charge of that.

   I expressed that many fear Planned Development will only get worse because of a 'design committee' and he wasn't sure, although he attends the meetings.

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C said...

So I guess he decided to finally call you back once he saw you spoke with Supervisor Callaway? He is so transparent! Loser!