Friday, August 17, 2018

Official Donnell Fire Update

   August 17, 2018 at 1:30 PM:  After we asked for help from Calfire for someone to get information about the Donnell Fire Josh White referred us to one of the people at USFS in charge of information in Sonora.

   Per Maria, who we appreciate the time of, the fire was definitely not started by tree cutters or a burn pile after cutting along Hwy 108, as has been rumored.

   Per Maria, they are still investigating, but the fire started right along the Donnell Lake.  Then we asked if they could update the website to include that the fire is also burning in Alpine County, around Spicer Reservoir.

   When we asked why the fire gained another 1000 acres + overnight, she said she thought that was incorrect and went to check.  Unfortunately, we were right and the total was actually 1300 acres burned overnight.

   We explained that residents are concerned that it could cross the Stanislaus River or reach Hwy 4 in Alpine County.  Maria stated that many men and helicopters are working in the area of Spicer to prevent that from happening.

   On the issue of having a person from New Mexico trying to answer the contact lines, Maria said that the woman is gone now. 

   We appreciate that Maria was so helpful and able to answer our questions.

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