Friday, August 3, 2018

OP-ED: CCWD press release on fire in Avery

   CCWD issued a press release about the Avery Fire, saying that it could have been bad because their BUILDING could have burned.

   CCWD, where was PG&E?  Why did you have trees cut in that way, instead of making sure it was safe.

   And CCWD, why were you not concerned about the thousands of people and their homes that could have been destroyed as a result of your not having PG&E on scene?

   Yes, all the fire departments and air support came quickly because you called, but take some responsibility that it could have been prevented.

   People throughout Ebbetts Pass were terrified and some were packing out of fear from the Carr Fire disaster.  It came right up to Hwy 4. If it had crossed over, our whole world would have changed in Ebbetts Pass.

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Anonymous said...

totally right. a little concern for residents might have been nice.