Friday, August 3, 2018

OP-ED: Greater Arnold Business Association???

   After hearing many complaints and getting many questions about what is going on with GABA (Greater Arnold Business Association) we were told that no one wanted to be President, so Mike
Borean got the job.

   We made a call to his home number and got no answer, no recorder. The email that we had from when he ran for office last, we used to try and get a response.

   A nasty response that all the calls he gets are telemarketers and they do not have time. WHAT DO YOU WANT?  We asked him to call our number, but no reply.

   So then we called John Hamilton, who we were told is the only other active board member. The postal lady broke her knee.  John returned our call right away.

  When I told him what I had been told, he was very friendly, but when I offered help, he backed off and said they were waiting a few months.

   I asked John if Mike Borean is the right person to be President. I told him he may be still angry that we did not support him when he ran for Supervisor last time.

   After discussing his nasty attitude, John and I pretty much decided that he may also be angry because his wife left him for a close friend of ours.  UH-OH!  Hit the nail on the head????

   GABA has been struggling for some time, because Board members are NOT real business people, working from home is not the same and retail businesses do not relate.

   Who knows what is going to happen now, but WE are OUT!  We do not need nor want to help an organization with a President with what we believe are obvious mental issues!!

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