Friday, August 3, 2018

What is Steve Buis up to now?? Peeping Tom????

   After first moving into our home in Hathaway Pines, we learned that a tiny narrow road had been permitted along with homes
in the canyon behind our land.  The Old Gulch Fire nearly wiped all of them out!

   Very soon a man who said he represented all the neighbors on that narrow street, Blue Jay Drive, wanted a right of way through the middle of our land to get to Blue Jay. He said the road was dangerous in winter.

   WHY did the County of Calaveras allow it??? And all those houses??

   He offered to pay and was denied, denied, denied by us!  That started lots of trouble from those who lived on Blue Jay.  We will NEVER allow anyone to drive through our land to get to another street!

   After various reported problems with those neighbors who were anxious to get back at us for denying them access through our land, it still seems to never end.

   Now we have another problem with a man named Steven Buis! 

    One of our nice neighbors let us know that Buis has put another camera near his property line, aimed at our property.  We have grapes, apples, berries, plums, cherries, etc.

   When asked what in the heck he was doing, Buis apparently told him he loved the bears and wanted photos of them. Buis allowed Blue Jay Drive to go straight through his narrow lot (big mistake, stupid), so he put the camera on the upper portion above the road.

   Is it possible Mr. Buis is actually a peeping tom, or is he trying to do something bad to the teenager (the only one) who recently moved in.  We are extremely suspicious!!

   We are aware through a source that he is best friends with the man who is the most racist we have ever seen, Michael Preston (the one who threatened President Obama in a public place and was subsequently reported to the FBI and Secret Service).

   We also believe he is the one who has virtually destroyed a little cafĂ© just by ever being present! Unsellable, lost!

   We have also been told personal things about Buis that do not bode well on his reputation that we will not divulge here, but we are very concerned.

  For one thing, we do not believe he loves bears that much at all!  Is he hunting illegally in residential neighborhoods?  What is wrong with Buis???

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