Sunday, August 19, 2012

Letter to the Editor...About Supervisors

    Dear Editor:

    I guess our local elected representatives, Callaway, Tryon, Wilensky, Spellman and Tryon really proved what kind of people they are last Board meeting; not to mention what kind of Supervisors.

   The Grand Jury was completely and totally right on!
And for Gary Tofanelli to brag about his term on the Grand Jury is a joke. They did nothing. They were cowards, and he led them. Now he's leading these 5, who only care about themselves. And we pay them!

   I applaud the courage of this grand jury and call for the resignations of all five, who approved a letter denying that they have any fault at all.

   And on the same day, they turned completely against animals, all five encouraging animal cruelty.. If they don't resign they should all be recalled.

   By the way, love Cowboy Tyrone and his Wonderhorse, Mare-eeta!

                                                    D in Valley Springs

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Anonymous said...

The worst and final blow to me was their approval of cruelty to animals. I hope the Sentinel will let us know about any person running for office who hunts with hounds, or approves of hunting with dogs, so I can vote for someone else.