Friday, August 10, 2012

Who Filed to Run for Board of Education and San Joaquin Delta Community College District this November?l

   Disappointingly only 1 person signed up to run for Board of Education positions in each of the three areas up for election.
    Marilyn Krause is the only one who filed to run in TA 2, Albert Boitano in TA 4 and Marti Crane in TA 5.  There may be a write in candidate for TA 5. We will have to wait and see.

   For San Joaquin Delta Community College District TA 1 three people filed:

    LeJames K. Melton, Catherine Jennet Stebbins and Pablo V. Zapata filed by the deadline today August 10, 2012.

   For TA 2 Claudia Moreno and Elizabeth Yip Blanchard will vie for the seat.

   For TA 5 Stephan Castellanos and David E. Tanner are the choices.

    For TA 6 Theresa R. Brown and Jass Sangha will compete.



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