Sunday, February 23, 2014

Trouble in "Ebbetts Pass Calaveras District 3" Paradise?

   The Sheriff logs from February 22, 2014 show there is trouble in Ebbetts Pass:

    Two calls were made over altercations involving possible vandalism on El Dorado in Arnold.

Traffic Accident on Hwy 4

     February 23, 2014 at 2:45 PM: CHP is en route to a traffic accident with injuries that occurred at Hwy 4 and Mud Springs in Ebbetts Pass.

       This is a person with head injuries near Spicer Reservoir.  An ambulance is en route.

Letter to the Editor....About "no work" and the Calaveras Sheriff

   Dear Editor:

    I was reading your article about crime in Ebbetts Pass. As a resident of Arnold, I have been concerned for some time, due to closed businesses and no work.

Last of "Sound of Music" Von Trapp family dies

   Maria Von Trapp, the 2nd eldest of the Von Trapp family on which the "Sound of Music" was based, has died.

   The was the last surviving member of the family.

What will happen to Sochi Dogs?

   After an outcry by animal lovers who watched the authorities in Sochi euthanizing stray dogs, a kennel was built by authorities.

   Approximately 160 stray dogs are currently in the kennels. Some Olympians have adopted and plan to bring home a dog or a puppy.   What will happen to the rest when everyone is gone is hard to imagine.

Elected Officials Everywhere

   We've received several comments from readers that at every event there are suddenly appearing elected officials.

Sochi Olympics Closing Ceremony tonite

    February 23, 2014:   The 2014 Sochi Olympics comes to a close tonite with the Closing Ceremony.

Tribute to Mandela

   Oprah Winfrey has been chosen to give the tribute to Nelson Mandela at the NAACP Award Show.

   It will be held in Pasadena and Stevie Wonder is slated to perform.

Is CCWD or Calaveras County Not liable for "Lake Toilet"?

Lake Tulloch or
Lake "Toilet"?
   The more we delve into the fact that Lake Tulloch has sewage that leaks into the lake due to sewage lines that were allowed to run under the lake to the other side, the more we seem to get stonewalled.

  Supervisor Ponte and CCWD Director Dennis Dooley were supposedly holding joint meetings to try and clean up the lake.

Calaveras Sheriff's Office in total disarray?

   We listen to the public and they have weighed in on the apparent incompetence and what appears to be encouragement of bad behavior by deputies