Thursday, June 22, 2017

Steve Kearney moving away!! FOR SALE!!

   Since there is a for sale sign in front of his house in Rancho Calaveras, it can be assumed that Steve Kearney, who was recalled and replaced by
Clyde Clapp, is leaving.

   It was too bad that Kearney got mixed up with a bad bunch. He had a lot of promise, but was too easily led by the Tea Party wack-jobs!!  

      Unfortunately, Clapp is controlled by a bunch of alt-right religious fanatics who came and pray outside board meetings.  It won't be long, since he is on a short leash by Lora Most, before he is also


Anonymous said...

Clyde Clapp has a felony court case from April of 1979 in contra costa county. Case #004842

Anonymous said...

Was it dismissed by the Judge? If the Judge dismissed the case, your sentence is incorrect. Wake up dirt bag!

Anonymous said...

Poor Steve, has to move.