Monday, June 5, 2017

The Great Calaveras Cannabis Ban and Tea Party Tax..

....Coming soon to your wallet!!!

   Thanks to Calaveras Supervisors Gary Tofanelli, Clyde Clapp and Dennis Mills, true Tea Party wackos!!!


Anonymous said...

Mills is just a genius with his proposed priority budgeting. Fancy words for robbing money from other needed programs to fund his BAN. It will be similar to CAMP or the war on drugs. The money will continue to get spent on partial eradication but new growers will move in and the job will never be actually accomplished. Sheriffs dept will lose employees as well as the planning dept. No tax money will be billed even though 8 million is scheduled for the first of two billing cycle to be collected this year and Mills will be exposed as an idiot

Anonymous said...

We already know Mills is a bigmouth idiot and clapp and tofanel are following his lead, right to the recall table.