Saturday, August 5, 2017

Calaveras temporary Sheriff "bait and switch" corruption???

   Over the past few days the Calaveras Sheriff's department has been bragging about their expertise in locating and cutting down marijuana plants grown without permits in the county. What a joke!!

   Isn't it true that this temporary Sheriff, DiBasilio, actually knew exactly where to go because he had a list from the Planning Department, where the farmers had gone to apply for a permit???

  The "bait and switch" tactic that Calaveras County Supervisors and Planning, along with the corrupt Calaveras Sheriff's Office, uses, does not include grapes grown without a permit or the dreaded peaches grown without a permit, not to mention the land poisoning that olive trees must cause; only cannabis!!! 

  If we elect DiBasilio to run our county, no real crime will EVER be investigated, violent racists will run wild, the real bad druggies, the meth manufacturers, sellers and users will run free.  Yes, free to violate citizens, their homes and our children.  Mr. DiBasilio is bad news for Calaveras and should leave the area immediately.

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