Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Nearly all Calaveras Mr. BIGPOT arrests are out on bond!!

I'm just a robo-cop, tell me what you did.
And are you as white as me? 
    Those who were arrested for felonies in the Mr. BigPot arrest widely
advertised by Calaveras temporary Sheriff DiBasilio are nearly all out on bond.

   Aside from the 13 we originally counted with nothing more than a citation, those arrested on felonies were mostly cultivation and conspiracy to cultivate.

   In addition, there were two men who had firearms and were felons and one  with some type of body
armor.  Those were the good arrests that will stick.  How many of the others will is extremely unclear.

   Does our Calaveras temporary Sheriff really know what he is doing?  We don't think so!!  No wonder deputies leave here!  DiBasilio hasn't got a clue!!!

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