Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Mostly citations in Calaveras County Mr. BIGPOT bust???

Go get those pot growers,
but let my friends who have
been turned into Secret Service and
the FBI, go FREE!!!
   Mr. BigPot and temporary Sheriff DiBasilio were bragging about the horrible 35 criminals they arrested during their so-called "terminus" busts!

   We just counted 13 arrests with nothing more than a citation issued for growing more than 6 plants, which is allowed per person in California.  OMG! 

  What a HORRID crime DiBasilio uncovered after Planning turned over addresses of farmers who applied to be legal growers???  Yes, the BAIT & SWITCH cops!!!

  We  are now going through the others, because knowing this Sheriff's department, when this was NEVER anything more than the Planning department giving them addresses, how they can call this THEIR bust???

   Instead of this DiBasilio, why don't you go arrest the man who threatens women and our President?  Oh, he's a personal friend who will turn gun freaks and veterans against you in the election?

   Now, that's not corruption is it, DiBasilio?????? NOT MUCH!!!

   There is good reason Calaveras is known as the most corrupt and incompetent, not to mention most guilty of malfeasance, in California!!!

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Anonymous said...

That's right. Campaign committee; the muetts, preston, mcanus, strohmire, olivaeri best buds, protection???