Friday, August 18, 2017

Remember: Racists don't just want to kill minorities

  Everyone needs to remember about racists one important fact:

   They hate!  They hate Jews!  They hate blacks!  They hate Hispanics!  And they hate and are willing to kill any white person who doesn't agree with them! Hence the Heather Heyer killing!

   The owner of the Sierra Sentinel and his wife have been under death threat from local racists ever since the first post we put up against racist cops and other negative articles about racists!

   Across the country journalists and other writers are threatened; their families are threatened by the type of racists who casually threatened the life of President Obama right here in Calaveras.

   Protect your family from them in whatever way you must!  Times are different now!  We have a racist sick man in the White House who really thinks its OKAY!!

   And David Duke and Richard Spencer tell him THANK YOU,  Trump!  That's why we put you in office!..

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