Thursday, August 17, 2017

U.S Military Cadet Honor Code--West Point--Racist scumbags!

  The West Point Cadet Honor Code:

   A Cadet will not
LIE, CHEAT, STEAL or tolerate those who do!!

   Many of our fathers and grandfathers, who fought, and many died in WWII, would be horrified at this sick individual who is now in the White House!   What about yours???

   Trump has NO honor at all!!

   The Joint Chiefs has now issued statements, opposite of Trump, from all branches of the military against racism. In fact, it is not just unacceptable to be a Nazi racist in the military; it is ILLEGAL and you will be thrown out of the service.  FIRED!!!

    But to Trump, it's perfectly acceptable!!! 

    The Sierra Sentinel agrees with our military. Those who lie, cheat,steal or tolerate others who do are SCUM, just like in the military and will be called out for it!!!

     Racist SCUM lie, cheat, steal and tolerate others who do the same.  This must be stopped!! Our country is better than this.  Protect yourselves, your family and your property from these racist SCUMS, in whatever way is necessary!!!

   DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THEM!!  THEY ARE COWARDS! Worthless, scumbag cowards!!!

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