Thursday, December 14, 2017

Neighborhood WATCH dangerous in Calaveras!! Racists and dirty cops!!!

   At the Calaveras Supervisors meeting on December 12, 2017 Chair Oliveira promoted what he called a 'neighborhood watch'.

   We sincerely warn residents
that we feel this is a very dangerous idea.  Do you know which of your neighbors are racists; which ones are drunks; which ones are mental cases and which ones are dirty cops?

   No! You do not!! Do not send your children or trust anyone the Calaveras Sheriff picks to supposedly protect your family or possessions.  The sheriff's office is only trying to use this as a campaign tactic!

  Avoid these people if they try to contact you. Put up security cameras and have a number for your children to call if they need help. 

  Until TRUMP and other racists are out of office and power, you cannot TRUST anyone. It is well-known that the most common thieves and trespassers in Calaveras ARE the NEIGHBORS!!

   The first Sheriff's deputy picked to run this program quit rather that get involved.  There are way to many KKK types and gun kooks in Calaveras.  Avoid this PROGRAM!!!

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