Monday, June 18, 2018

Is there a DeAngelo in Calaveras County??

DeAngelo as a cop!
   Could there be a dirty cop like DeAngelo (the Golden State Killer) hiding out in
Calaveras County, in plain sight?  DeAngelo was, in Sacramento!

      Someone who has committed crime after crime for nearly 40 years, but got away with it because
they had once been a cop and knew how; knew the local cops would protect them?

   Has anyone ever bragged to you that they know how to get away with things or to break in without being caught?  Does this person call accusers crazy and accuse them of things, as cover?

     Are they also, as you learned the hard way, mentally unstable?  Are they also stinking racist? Have their been signs, threats, violent outbursts?  Think about it!

   Add up if they have ever denied doing many things they have been suspected of over the years. Also, do you have a crooked Sheriff, who like the one in Sacramento, protects the dirty cops?

   Is DiBasilio one of those Sheriffs?  Do we have this happening right here in Calaveras County?

   Do they pretend like they are totally innocent?   Do  they have a relationship with a woman who is just as, or possibly more demented?  Think about it!!

   Since our Calaveras Grand Jury is terrified of these people, should the California Attorney General conduct an investigation into our law enforcement here?  Before the November election?

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