Monday, June 18, 2018

The Trump kkk Cult will stop at nothing!

   The purpose of the Trump kkk Cult is to prevent more minorities from gaining the ability
to vote in the U.S.

   It is well-known that the numbers of minorities will outnumber THEIR White Supremacists in a few years and will then NOT vote for the political party of the Trump kkk Cult.

   They will stop at nothing to try and prevent this, and the putting children in jails or dog cages, away
from their parents at the borders is one of their ways of deterring minorities from coming here.

   "I'll Make America WHITE Again" is more than just a slogan.  After Franklin Graham made his racist views known in a sermon following Obama's election, "We'll never again have control of our government", the White Supremacist movement was ON to get someone like Trump and his cult into the White House.

   Anyone who adheres to the policies of Trump (who repeatedly lies about nearly everything), is in his CULT!!



Anonymous said...

Their ultimate goal has always been to stop any minority group from gaining the vote power! And I agree that they will stop at nothing. Racism makes me sick to my stomach!

Anonymous said...

crasy ass nuts