Friday, June 15, 2018

July 28--A Day of Shame for Calaveras County!!

  We are going to tell you all about it, directly from the reporters and newspapers who covered it
and the arrest, trial and everyone affected by it, through the current time.

   The Annual Day of Shame for Calaveras County.  The jury, the trial, the witnesses. The honorable woman in the case.

  The hack we had yesterday concreted the need for the public to know what kind of people we have living here.  We all have the right to know the truth.

  This will be a follow up to a case of statewide notoriety and fear.  If a person changes their life, cleans up their slime and apologizes for the past, paying all monetary and personal strife, then we should know about it.

   And if a person has continued their life of debauchery, fraud and scumbag violent anger and racism, we should know about that too.

     We are especially interested in the treatment of women then and now.

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Anonymous said...

Thank You Sentinel!! Thank you!