Monday, June 18, 2018

Threats after writing about Candyrock Gay Porn and kkk gun club?

   A couple anonymous threats we received after writing about the horrid problems at the Candyrock gay porn and kkk gun club that were hacked are:

   "We're going
to cut down every f****** tree and blow up your house with you in it"

   "I'm going to rape you and make your husband watch!"  All threats have been given to the Calaveras Sheriff, specifically Officer Villegas, for investigation and trace.

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Anonymous said...

Can't believe has become so important that it gets hacked. kind of like the New York Times. Wow. As for the forest service, it is sad that it has gone down the drain, partly because of the woman who was fooling around with Preston they say before she got transferred. It's awful. he's a pig.brags that he sleeps with all the gun guys women. sick man. can't stand!