Monday, June 18, 2018

Why we should split California into 3 states!! No help for residents!

   If you have EVER tried to get help from a state agency like
Caltrans, you understand why so many people want to break California into 3 states.

   We recently got a phony bill from a company calling itself FASTRAK. They are contracted by MTC, who is contracted by Bay Area Special District who is contracted by Caltrans to handle bridge fees.

  None of these agencies will take responsibility for the actions of FasTrak.  No one at the Caltrans Director's Office in Sacramento has a CLUE what to do or if ANYONE is responsible.

   We are talking about a company who make billions of dollars off of residents and businesses and who has access to our personal information.

   If you ask for escalation of your problem, they say there is NO one to escalate to.  And some state elected officials wonder why voters may SPLIT the state in November. THIS IS WHY!


Anonymous said...

You're just realizing this? It's been going on a long time. TOO BIG to FAIL, or TOO BIG to SPLIT?

Anonymous said...

100% agree