Thursday, August 16, 2018

Calaveras Animal Services--Grand Jury commends Friends of Animal Services (FOCAS)

   The Calaveras Humane Society was left around a million dollars and they have dropped
out of any negotiations with the county to assist with the shelter at the San Andreas location.

   They have purchased the old Chicken Shack building, we assume with their inheritance, and say they plan to open their own NO-KILL shelter there, just outside Angels Camp.

   We do recall years ago, when the CHS stood up before the Calaveras Supervisors and bragged that they would raise the $10 million needed for a brand new shelter for the homeless animals in the county.

   That pilfered into nothing and then the CHS started demanding money from the county if they wanted their help.  So much for their original generous offer.

  So now, CHS is gone and Friends of Calaveras Animal Services is trying to take up the slack. They were instrumental in bringing in 2 portable buildings to the campus, one just for cats.

   Volunteers of both groups donate their time helping with the animals at the shelter, at least until CHS is up and running at its new location.  At that time they will have no coordination with the Calaveras Animal Services nor will they take in their homeless animals.

   We are hoping that FOCAS will step up and be the new provider for the animals. Someone who only cares about the animals and is not going to complain all the time and demand more money where there isn't any.

   The Calaveras Grand Jury has brought the situation out into the public now and for the sake of the animals (forget the CHP board, the same people for way too long) or anyone else, they need to improve conditions for the poor critters.

   The Grand Jury commended FOCAS, stating that since they came in, that things at the county animal control are much better. 

   THANK YOU, Friends of Calaveras Animal Services!

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