Sunday, August 19, 2018

Cruelty to animals pervasive?

   Police shot a raccoon to end its suffering after a man caught it in a trap, poured gasoline over it and lit it on fire.

  A neighbor heard it screaming and called the police.  Why are there so many mentally deranged people in this country; racists, animal abusers, dirty cops? WHY???

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Anonymous said...

You have to understand. Not all people have the same level of consciousness as you do. For me, I have understood the concept of "All God's creatures great and small" since I was fifteen years of age. I am now sixty-five. This is God's universe and, as such, good will prevail over evil just as light will prevail over dark. We should feel sorry for those in the darkness, but also be a vessel for change. As the apostle Paul stated, "Faith without works is dead". We have to do our very best to educate those around us that "God is Love".