Sunday, August 19, 2018

Will new Calaveras Alerts notify us of everything on the police scanner?

   To be an effective and necessary alert center, it needs to send alerts regarding all police and fire scanner  reports, or will it be used to campaign, like the Calaveras Sheriff uses Nixle.

   We are checking to see if Oliveira's new website will do that. The main thing they seem to want is to TRACK US, however, so be careful when you sign up.

   If a fire starts near us, we should be notified immediately, not have to wait until some sheriff deputy or supervisor decides we should know about it.

   A private company, located in Massachusetts, we don't see how they can keep up to date with local scanner calls. They may only provide info on EVACUATIONS, which is WAY too LATE! 

   We'll find out soon, if nothing but junk mail and campaign ads come through on it. 



Anonymous said...

No way, Jose! This is nothing but OES stuff, probably ads about buying survival gear.

Arnold Resident said...

So he is campaigning on something the OES created? WOW. The stupidity is beyond me.