Friday, March 15, 2013

Calaveras Supervisor Spellman Interrupts Speaker

   District 5 Supervisor of Rancho Calaveras Darren Spellman could not stop interrupting the President of the Calaveras Board of Realtors at the Calaveras Board of Supervisors meeting on March 12, 2013.

   Speaking during the public comment period regarding the short term vacation rentals at Lake Tulloch, Melinda Hoff, current President of the Calaveras County Board of Realtors was at the podium and speaking against the ordinance.

   Calaveras Supervisor Spellman shouted against her and continually interrupted her even after Chair Callaway reprimanded him. He showed such disrespect, the Chair stepped in.

   Some additional time was given to Hoff, but Spellman had not only taken her time, but intentionally broke her concentration.

   Supervisor Spellman continually reminded the audience that he is a real estate agent and that he knows all about rental law (or something like that-it is often difficult to discern what on earth he is talking about).

   What can the Calaveras Board of Supervisors Chair do to bring some control back to District 5 and courtesy to those who speak.

   We've spoken to several people in the Copperopolis area who believe Supervisor Spellman has some ulterior motive for being so adamantly against these vacation rentals.

   We counted the speakers opposed and those in favor of a new ordinance.  We only noticed 2 people who spoke in favor of the ordinance.

   Nonetheless, Supervisor Ponte (who is District 4 Supervisor) wants to move forward with the ordinance, and is bring it back again at the next Board of Supervisors meeting on March 24, 2013.

   Calaveras Supervisor Spellman later told the audience about wanting to run down the streets naked because he felt free, but that that is against the law, he stated. HUH?


Anonymous said...

I've sadly come to realize transient renters and these illegal landlords get more respect in Calaveras County than full time, community serving residents who support local business year round.

You all scream your rights are being infringed upon without one consideration for mine, a permanent, live in homeowner. Does anyone on my HOA or anyone on the Board of Supervisors live next to or near illegal rentals? NO! There is not been one person who lives full time in a neighborhood with these illegal rentals who supports them. Not ONE!

So, I am taking matters in my own hands. To heck with my HOA. To heck with the County and their codes. There’s a renegade on the loose, and that’s me! I issue this warning to transient renters and their landlords. DO NOT rent on my street. You are not welcome. You will legally experience your worst vacation, everrrrrr!

Anonymous said...

EVERRRRRR, the new jail is supposed to be ready this year. Maybe you should reserve a cell?
If you're in the CCHOA; change your rules!
Here's a winner idea, move out during the terrible season. Rent your place to the transients for the season. Make money, have a write off and be somewhere else without problems, if you can find one.
In case no one has ever said it to you:WELCOME TO CALAVERAS.