Monday, March 11, 2013

Lots of Gun Regulation Bills on their way- 5 cent tax on each bullet

   At least in California we have some sensible legislators who do not want a Sandy Hook
or any other mass shootings to ever happen again.

   There are 8 bills that have been introduced by the Senate and probably 2 or 4 times that many in the Assembly.

   One tha we really like is a 5 cent tax on every bullet sold. The state estimates it would raise $49 billion annuyally, to use for expanding mental-health screenings for kindergatners through third grade.

   Approximately 1.2 billion bullets are sold in California annually, and who better to pay?


Anonymous said...

Are you out of your mind?

Gun don't kill people.

Anonymous said...

No, of course not. Let's see, each child had about 8 bullets, times 5 each...hmmm around 40 cents per child.

Anonymous said...

Hammers kill more people than firearms. Put a mental test on the purchase of hammers.
The queen of Calif. does not want returning veterans to be able to purchase the proposed banned weapons. She claims they might be mentally ill or suffer PTSD.
Does the military test for mental illness, when people enlist or are (in the past) drafted?
Recent history says NO! Remember the officer in Texas.

Should a mental competency test be given to all who seek elected office? Should those current elected officials be mentally tested too?

Anonymous said...

If comments made here are any indication, you gun promotors, NRA lovers would not pass the mental examination, so you should not be promoting it.