Thursday, May 15, 2014

San Diego County burning--What prison is the Rim Fire starter in?

We can't ever forget that
a HUNTER started
the Rim Fire!!!
   San Diego County feels the way the Mother Lode felt during the Rim Fire. To local residents who can see and smell the smoke, its like their life is burning to the ground.

   Finally, after 7 fires in less than 2 weeks, they suspect arson.  We are being forced to clear our properties of brush and natural wildlife habitat  so that arsonists can set more fires.

     Whatever happened to the hunter who set the Rim Fire. What prison is he in? How much will he have to pay for killing our forest creatures and everything else we hold dear in the forest.

   During this drought, there should be NO hunting, campfires, debris burning or any smoking in any of our forest areas. Otherwise, it shows they really don't care!!

   And when will fire authorities realize they have to lock up all the crazies who even threaten to start fires in California?  What is the real reason they do NOTHING about these criminals? 

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