Friday, July 28, 2017

ACPD: " Another Day at the Office????"

Russell Cline
   Angels Camp Police Department (yes, they still call themselves that) issued a Press Release titled "Another Day at the Office."

   After reading the release, we have to wonder what on earth they are referring to.  Perhaps "Another day in the dog pens" would be more appropriate, or "Another day in the hog wallows" might work for them.

   The press release states they arrested a man for stealing a $10 pair of sunglasses after a Sierra Gas Station employee signed a citizens arrest and then CVS witnessed the same man, 35 year old Columbia resident Russell D. Cline allegedly stealing items and putting them in his backpack.

   Cline is a Post Release Community Supervision client? who had apparently removed his ankle bracelet. He is now back in jail, per the ACPD report.

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Anonymous said...

He looks like one of the ACPD officers