Tuesday, July 25, 2017

McmAnus: Calaveras Cannabis Committee??

We're supplying
the booze during all
our vigilante work!!!
  Mr BigPot McmAnus stood up to say that the county will not lose any money they spend to get rid of illegal cannabis grows. hahahaha

   This is a ridiculous LIE, Mr. McmAnus!!  Do you think you are going to go back to stealing everyone's land which was made illegal years ago.

   Mr BigPot has a problem. Who is this NEW Committee he say he controls, who will now act as a Vigilante Committee just for Mr. Big Pot.  The fact is, that the county of Calaveras is not likely to get much money back at all.  Get a Grip, MR. BigPot!!!

  Or go have another drink!!! And has the IRS approved his Vigilante Committee???


Anonymous said...

Another lie today from Big Pot McBanus. No asset forfeiture can't happen with abatement costs as Big Pot stated on record. Property liens the same as property tax liens will happen if a resident won't abate and code enforcement has to. It can sit for five years before the county can sell a property but wait the courts also will be involved which is more county cost. Sorry McBanus but once again you are only seen as a fat bumbling liar

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill for turning our church which has always been about god first. Now all about pot. Please remove your political agenda from our church. You are nothing more than a pariah