Monday, July 24, 2017

Utility man finds dead missing dog--What about HUNNER???

   A utility man led the ACPD to the remains in Murphys of a dog they believed is the third dog missing in the strange case of Pet Bath.

   The remains were taken to Joyce Techel, the previous caregiver, who identified Cici as the third dog in the bizarre case of animal cruelty.  The utility worker did not want to be identified.

   In most cases of animal cruelty, and in fact, our wonderful old dog Hunner being poisoned by crazy people who even called ahead of time to say they were going to POISON our dog! 

  Yet, the cops did NOTHING and the VET did nothing!  Why??  If Pet Bath is being put out of business, then so should any vet who covers up for stinking no good dog abusers!!!

   And so why then is ACPD so involved in this bizarre case?  Are they the ONE agency in the county who truly cares about animals.

   Certainly the Calaveras Sheriff and Brian Moss did NOTHING!! Why? Because it was one of their own?? 

   Our Calaveras Sheriff's office should not be allowed around animals and neither should any vet who allows this to go on, and even give FREE vet care to the criminals!!!


Anonymous said...

So sorry. there is nothing in the world worse than a person or persons who abuse innocent animals . Who are they. Who is the vet? Couldn't be angels, they're the best

Anonymous said...

I agree that nothing is worse than someone who could hurt an animal in any way. I say string them up.