Friday, July 28, 2017

Letter to the Editor: Why are Republicans so full of hate??

   Dear Editor:

   I try to pay attention to politics in my limited time for cable news, etc. but I've been really in a quandary over why the Republicans want to get
rid of health care.

   Then I realized that the Voting investigation is also going on.  And so I finally tied the two together.

   They are racists, who are so afraid of having minorities vote means they will be out on their ears, that they try to intimidate and make it difficult to vote.  It's basically a hate issue!!

   The health care issue is basically the same. Racists truly believe that minorities do not deserve the same health care they get. (If they get health care, they will live longer and vote longer, right?)

    A Patriarchal, racist society, bent on Franklin Grahams statements that if the WHITE MALE is not careful, that they will be out of power, permanently.

   He, of course, gets his truth from his bible, which he believe says white males (not females) should RULE the earth. 

   If Independents and Democrats don't get mad and do something, everything will be WHITE MALE again and the racists like Trump will be happy campers!

   More liberal than I ever thought in Arnold

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Anonymous said...

I think you got that one right on the money!