Tuesday, July 25, 2017

MOOSE - GATE/ Supervisor Oliveira SKIPS OUT!!

Me and my moosie
buddies need to get our
boozing back in action!!
  Now we understand why Supervisor Oliveira did not want to be present for todays July 25, 2017 Board meeting in Calaveras County.

   Public works brought to the Board (for the 5th time, he stated)
they are bringing approval to the Board to replace the White Pines or Blagen Road Bridge. 

   Nothing has worked, so now they are wasting 200 G's to put in a temporary bridge so that Supervisor of District 3 can get re-elected.  What a waste.

 This is MOOSE-GATE!  The organization who will benefit most from this bridge, have threatened
to remove Oliveira from office if he does not get them a BRIDGE, so there goes our TAX MONEY, down the CREEK!!! All to help Oliveira get re-elected in '18.

   This is corruption in the nth degree!!!!  There is a motion approved on the books to buy a bridge in addition to this one.  Oliveira is a DOG, not a MOOSIE!!

  It appears that even Bertha Underhill is a victim of MOOSE-GATE!  She's up for re-election in '18 too!

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