Sunday, July 23, 2017

Detwiler Fire Overwhelms CalFire comment--long, but worth the read!!

  USFS/CALFIRE PROUD commented to NotACalfire, you do not have your facts straight. Let me clarify some things for you and get you there...(Sierra Sentinel comments will be in parentheses)

  "1. Cal Fire is an "All response" unit.  That means they respond to traffic collisions, medical aids, structure fires and wildland fires.

  That being the  case, there is NEVER a time that they work a 3 day shift without having to respond to something. True,  some stations may not be as busy as others but I guarantee you they respond to multiple  calls in a shift."

   (Why, then, are they now called CALFIRE? Why, then are they not laid off in the winter to save the taxpayer money?  Why then, do they go out on calls when they are not really needed because there are local fire departments handling collisions, etc?)

  "2. Cal Fire Captains do NOT earn $130k per year, especially while "really only working during the Fire season for 3 months". Most Captains work ALL year around. Many times Engineers and Firefighters also work 9-12 months a year."

   (Again, it makes no sense that a group called CAL FIRE should work year round. Is this a Union agreement that they get full-time even when not fighting fires?)

   "3.  True they do stay in hotels while on fires. Every other 24 hours, that is. No, they don't get paid 24 hours for working a 12 hour shift. They get paid 24 hours for working a 24 hour shift."

   (Does this mean they stay awake for 24 hours straight, or do we understand they sleep for 8 of the 24 hours they get paid for?)

   "4.  USFS does it differently. True.  The two agencies have a different way of handling fire. Cal Fire likes to extinguish them ASAP. USFS often manages a fire.  Both have their place in the fire world. IMHO sometimes, it would make MORE sense for Cal Fire to manage a fire and let it burn before jumping on it to put it out quickly.  Fire is healthy for our forests, it the heat that spreads seeds for some species of trees and plants, when we don't let areas burn the undergrowth grows out of control year after year. Do you know what you get then? A very large very dangerous wildfire. Unfortunately as our population grows we expand into the forest, personally, I love the woods, I love the trees and should I have a house there I would give it god clearance and I would also be ready to evacuate at a moment's notice because fire is part of nature and I am not going to expect that it is the absolute responsibility of Cal Fire of USFS or BLM, etc. to put it out.  It's a risk people take sometimes and it doesn't always work out. It's tragic to be sure but it is hardly something you can blame on Cal Fire.

   I see that someone who lost a house also commented stating that local people wanted to help with bulldozers, etc, but were not allowed too.  I'm so sorry you lost your house!  I wonder, if a citizen without fire experience lost their life running their bulldozer would someone have sued Cal Fire for allowing an untrained citizen to put their life in danger?  I'm sure that plays into their decision."

   (So many questions in this. So, CalFire is now training their people that what they call underbrush is bad and should always be eliminated?  Who cares that the wildlife will perish for lack of food or cover! 

     Is it also part of CalFire training that FIRE is good and that trees won't reseed without it?? That is insane. Trees will reseed just fine.  Nature taking its course is the proper way a forest should and will thrive. CLEAR - CUTTING California is NOT the answer.  

   It does seem that anti-environmentalists are the only hires at CalFire these days. Promoting clear-cutting and fire as good things is beyond our comprehension. The forest is the only possible savior of this earth, since people are working every day to destroy it.

   We learned, regarding bulldozers, that in the Maria Fire recently in Calaveras County, that some took it on their own, without permission, to save homes by clearing a line, likely preventing another Butte Fire.  Also, the Maria burned somewhat in the same path and the grass where the fire had cleared the earth, was now so high the fire was at least as bad.  So now you'll want to clear-cut any grass that grows???

    Fear of lawsuits, lawsuits, lawsuits,  and wants of unions, unions unions and bureaucratic waste and poor upper management decisions are causing the destruction of California. 

   Does it really come down to what is the cause of these fires?  The 90% that are HUMAN caused could be prevented if Cal Fire listened when someone tells them they suspect a firebug or angry ex-state worker.  Then perhaps prosecuting hunters who start fires, instead of letting them loose, would help?  How about BANNING all hunting?  That would prevent a lot of fires, wouldn't it?  Fireworks should be banned in the STATE!!  GET A GRIP, CAL FIRE!!

   Perhaps these people looking in from the outside can see problems you on the inside bubble do not want to see!!

   One other point!  Investigations into how these fires start is so important and hard prosecutions into those who even start little fires, would help deter others.  LOCK THEM UP!! LOCK THEM UP!!)



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