Sunday, July 23, 2017

Dear Cal Fire and Daniel Berlant: Investigate FIRE threats???

   We have thoroughly been attempting to learn the background and policies put in place by CalFire that have made it what it is today, and truly appreciate all comments made without vulgarities.

   There is one other thing that CalFire and specifically our media friend Daniel Berlant
needs to be made aware of, that his predecessor ignored.

   The Sierra Sentinel owners are threatened by those who don't like our anti-racist, anti-gun violence stances, to BURN DOWN OUR HOME, to SHOOT UP OUR HOUSE, to BLOW UP OUR HOME with us in it and other Trump-follower violence.

   Why does CalFire not investigate these threats and lock these people up? The names are well-known and are personal friends of a Supervisor and the Calaveras Sheriff.

    These creeps are allowed to threaten President Obama in public, and threaten women who don't agree with their racism, of sexual rape and other violence.  Never an arrest! POLITICS, as usual!!

   Will Cal Fire and specifically Berlant, do anything, or are you all afraid of them, too??  We have had ultimate respect of Berlant over the years as POI for CalFire and hope he will not allow POLITICS to stop his investigations, as Calaveras County officials have.

   Do you want the press to be your friends?  Then be a friend to the press and protect them from the thugs of TRUMPWORLD!!

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