Thursday, July 27, 2017

Calaveras Planning Commission spends time fighting ag

   The State of California has not only formally declared that Cannabis is an agricultural product in the state, but also that growing and selling cannabis
is legal.

  Calaveras County, the county of (numb)skulls, is well-known for following the worst elected nut cases and for being so far behind in policy and positive business practices.

  Due to the stupid Urgency Ordinance idiotic details, the Calaveras Planning Commission has spent nearly 90% of their time REJECTING as many cannabis grows as possible.

   And when the Planning Director or County Counsel suggest otherwise, four of the five Supervisors, reject any idea.  They want BOOZE, BOOZE, and more BOOZE!! Meth, Meth and more METH, but no cannabis!!!

   It's no wonder we are called the most backwards bunch of losers in the State of California. Instead of promoting ag business in Calaveras, they listen to the extreme BOOZERS and want to ban cannabis!!  Anti-business!! Totally ANTI-Business!!

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