Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Public comment on cannabis growing

   One person is trying to change their zoning to RA in Mountain Ranch to have a vineyard and cannabis grow.

   Of course, Mr. BigPot got up and complained, but another person said that she doesn't fear the legal cannabis growers, she fears that the board is not regulating Cannabis.

   The Sierra Sentinel FEARS Mr. BigPot!  That man is the scariest thing in Calaveras. He and his racist freak friends hate, hate, hate.  Don't let him fool you!  Possibly psychotic and definitely dangerous to Calaveras County?

     FEAR Mr. BigPot! NOT the cannabis growers.  Where does he get his money??  He doesn't work, does he??? Something is very fishy!!  If you have donated any money to this man, please notify us!!!

   Wake up!!!  Who is paying this man, McmAnus, to form a vigilante group to spy and offer their own law enforcement?  Is the IRS and the FBI aware of his illegal group???  We are going to make sure they are!

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Anonymous said...

The zoning amendment is the most responsible move a concerned grower can do to protect their right to farm.