Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Is " BigPot" McmAnus honorable?? Some churchmembers ask???

   UPDATE;  We now have a large collection of people who say they gave him money, including pastors and want to know if he is a 501c3 or what?

 Is "BigPot" Bill McmAnus a religious man?  Has he always been well respected in his treatment of women? 

   Would this man EVER use a church to get cash for his own use??  How many more questions
are there that we now believe the IRS and other authorities need to investigate.

    Does an anonymous comment we received from an person demanding he remove his paraphernalia from their church tell it all?

   Is McmAnus and his family and Preston, his best racist friend, traveling around taking advantage of religious people who neither understand cannabis or fear it for some reason?

   We have personally seen in years past, where he tried to start a nonprofit for money, and failed to get it done legally.  Is he now conniving innocent people out of their money in CHURCHES???

   This is so disgusting, we have heard so many negative comments about this man, that we are turning it all over to the IRS.  Mr. McmAnus is not a RELIGIOUS MAN!! We do believe he is a GREEDY MAN!!!

   Is he also a completely dishonest man???? Guard your money well!  Donate to legitimate and worthy causes. Do NOT be taken in by any campaign person for Oliveira of District 3 in Calaveras County!!!


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? I could tell you some stories, and so could a couple of women!!

Anonymous said...

If I was in a church where he was hitting them up for money, I'd run!!