Monday, July 24, 2017

You will likely have a break-in .... by Calaveras Cops??!!!

 UPDATE:  To the person who wants to know the details, we will not divulge the names of the innocent parties who were most recently subjected to this horrid behavior.

  Perhaps you could call Mr. DiBasilio or ask Oliveira about it. We'd be willing to bet they'll refuse to answer, however. Secrets, Secrets, Secrets!! Cover, Cover, Cover!!********************

  The odds are, that due to the corruption at the Calaveras Sheriff due to an incompetent temporary Sheriff and Supervisor Oliveira running Deputy Kyle Johnson, that bad things will happen to
innocent people.

   Specifically, we are aware that your odds of being broken into by COPS being ordered by DiBasilio
and Oliveira are high!!  There was just one recently in District 3!!  Innocent people are regularly subjected to all kinds of abuse by Calaveras Sheriff orders.

     Crooked dirty cops do crooked dirty things!  Locking your doors won't help. They break them down!!  Until we can eliminated Oliveira and DiBasilio (clearly the worst the county has ever had), this will continue.

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Anonymous said...

Please elaborate. What happened to make you say this?

I'm not doubting it happened but curious what transpired.