Tuesday, July 25, 2017

You are an Nazi accessory to murder if...

   If you know a murder is planned, you are aware of all the details and even talk to others about this murder,
but you fail to notify authorities, you are more than a Neighbor from Hell!!

   You are an ACCESSORY to MURDER!!  Your one friend may try to defend you, but your one
friend is guilty too!  You are both accessories to murder if you fail to report the crime.

   This goes for any crime!!!  GET IT?? GOT IT??? Well, you're gonna!! X 10, the Italian way!! Are you ready, accessory???? 

   Maybe you could send the mongrel to Texas for a vacation....forever!!!  Italians always payback the Nazi's!!!!


Anonymous said...

Well deserved!!

Anonymous said...

This is a riddle. lov riddles