Thursday, July 27, 2017

Why did Calaveras County Superior Court Judge Barrett resign???

    BREAKING NEWS!    A lot of questions are being flung around this morning, after the Valley Springs News and Calaveras County News broke the story that Judge Barrett of Calaveras County, resigned.

   Apparently someone noticed attorney Ken Foley in the County Clerk's office and he was changing his voter registration from Republican to Democrat.

   The conversation overheard during the exchange was the Grant Barrett, Calaveras County Superior Court Judge, had resigned.

   It appears that possibly Ken Foley will be seeking the temporary appointment to fill Barretts seat. Foley ran for Judge several years ago and came up a little short.

  We contacted Foley's office and his secretary said he was in court. We also tried to contact Barrest, unsuccessfully.


Anonymous said...

What a joke! Why did Judge Barrett resign? Why doesn't Judge Healey resign too? No real justice in Calaveras County court system? How about a new phrase "fake justice" in Calaveras County?

Luke Statzer said...

most uneducated corrupt county in California