Thursday, July 27, 2017

City of Angels (Camp) writes denial to Grand Jury report?? Sales Tax!!!

   At the Tuesday August 1, 2017 meeting of the Angels City Council, the City Attorney (oh, my, so much of our tax money goes to waste this way), will read the letter he has concocted at the City Council's request to deny the Calaveras County Grand report.

   Self-serving, guilty of malfeasance, in our opinion, this City for years has done nothing but pay itself wages, benefits and cushy retirements out of the hardworking voters in Angels Camp.

   They cannot let go of a money tiger by the tail, and will lie and anything else they have to do to keep these wasteful jobs and practices, even though the Grand Jury says they need to DISSOLVE the
city and go back to being a TOWN in the COUNTY.

   The City will also be passing another ENGORGED 2017-18 budget for sucking out the blood of the taxpayers, but will soon add a large sales tax, we hear!!! Get ready!!

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