Sunday, July 23, 2017

Letter to Calaveras County Cannabis Alliance

   Dear Calaveras County Cannabis Alliance

   I have no skin in the game when it comes to marijuana (cannabis), but I do have concerns.

   From all outward appearances it would 'seem'
from the 'lay-eye' that Calaveras County's County Counsel (Megan Stedtfeld) and the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors have once again made mistakes that are 'potentially' criminal.

   The County has collected 4.8 million dollars from the growers in the form of measure C taxes.  The County only has 130 registered grows at this time.

   This means that they billed and collected a substantial amount of money from applicats that have not been approved.

   The collecting of money from applicatns that are currently working outside of the county's definition of "approval" hints at words and terms such as "extortion", asking for a bribe", "double-dealing" and "pay to play."

   No matter how many 'information barriers (Chinese walls)" the county may put up and how substantial those barriers are, duress to pay is still being applied and felt by the applicants.

   Because of this and the ill history of the Urgency Ordinance, I would recommend that you contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and inform them of what is going on before your organization considers civil RICO act litigation.

   You have 4 years to file.  Even though this case woul be classified as "Sensitive" as it involves local elected officials, your complaint will be sent up the chain, reviewed and a determination will be made even though it involved a federally regulated substance  I can give you that assurance.

   It must be stated that because of the way Calaveras County has gone about implementing Measure C and the ill fraught Urgency Ordinance, you are in a good position to demand regulation over a ban.  YOU HAVE A BARGAINING CHIP!

   With Respect,

   Name withheld






Anonymous said...

County has collected over 6.5 million in Measure C tax money thus far. Only the first of the two invoiced amounts

Anonymous said...

Hey Mills you cant call growers criminals who pay their taxes!

Regulate RR is out Ag land is in. light industrial zones are in for indoor

Anonymous said...

REGULATE RR out Ag ok M zone for indoor ok