Friday, July 28, 2017

Bring back the "Calaveras Guardian!"

We consider the black bears
to be the guardian of our forests.
It is a lifetime of bad luck to kill
a black bear and no respectable
person would want to!!
They're majestic!!
   After many requests, we have decided to bring back what was once a regular weekly column when the Sierra Sentinel was in print form.

   For this column we will take volunteer
OP-EDs from 2 people on the same topic for publication. These topics will vary! The first Calaveras Guardian will appear in August.

   The first topic, very important to Calaveras County, our elected officials and residents, is Cannabis.

  Submit your ideas and be sure you do your research for accuracy. You can either promote, object or do a little of each in your article.

   Send them to They may be subject to edit. No foul language, no religion or racial slurs, nor promotion of any certain candidate should be part of this article.

 We will either publish your name, or not; your choice. Have fun!  We will contact you after going
over your article.  



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