Friday, July 28, 2017

The "Maverick" John McCain is a hero AGAIN!

While Mitch McConnell stands staring at him, John McCain
gives him the THUMBS DOWN!!!
   Mitch McConnell insisted that John McCain come back to Washington, even though he had just had surgery and a diagnosis of brain cancer.

   He did, and in the middle
of the night, cast the deciding NO vote on the idiotic 'skinny repeal and replace' bill in the Senate.  Trump used threats against the women, as most all racist men we know, do, and made Pence call McCain just before the vote, to no avail.

   McCain walked down onto the floor and put his hand in the air, then giving the THUMBS DOWN
on the fraudulent bill to remove health care from the poor and minorities in the U.S. in order to give a big tax break to Trump and his wealthiest friends.

   John McCain, the "Maverick"  may have cast the most important vote in his career early this morning. He is a HERO yet again!!

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